Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chicken Parmesan Casserole/Bake

2 Tbsp. Olive Oil
2 Cloves of Garlic, crushed or2 tsp. of garlic powder
Hot red pepper flakes, to taste
4-6 boneless chicken breasts, halved
2 cups of marinara sauce
1/4 c. chopped fresh basil or 1 Tbsp. dry basil
1 c. of shredded mozzarella
1/2 c. of shredded Parmesan
1 6 oz. pkg. of garlic croutons

Heat oven to 350 degrees F.
In a 13x9 baking dish, drizzle the olive oil in the bottom of the pan, add the garlic and pepper flakes.  Mix it up a bit and spread it around.  Then lay the halved chicken breasts so that they are spread out evenly in the pan.  Cover the chicken with the marinara sauce.  Sprinkle the basil all over the chicken.  Then cover the chicken with about 2/3 of the cheeses.  Sprinkle the entire bag of croutons evenly over the chicken.  Then sprinkle the rest of the cheeses on top of the croutons.  Bake uncovered in the oven for about 35 minutes.

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  1. First time around I covered the pan and the croutons went all mushy and soft. Learned my lesson the 2nd time and baked it uncovered. Delish!! We cook up some noodles to go along with it and my kids eat it up!